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together. bob is here with the numbers from first warning weather. hi, bob. >>> compared to monday and tuesday, right now, we're about 30 degree colder than we were earlier this week. it's only around 40 now. 34 in oakland. 44 in d.c., dew points come up a little bit, 25 degrees. 41 in ocean city. now, tomorrow, we'll have an area of low pressure, passing to our west. it will bring us clouds. looks like we'll probably see a little rain. but milder temps coming our way for tomorrow. back up over 50 and in the 50s, maybe even 60 again this weekend. but with the risk of some showers again in the forecast. mary? >> oh, the rush hour is just starting to take shape. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. definitely on the beltway, we're going to take a live look now. as you can see, along york road. we have slowing there. it begins at the jfx and goes over to harford road. west side inner loop, heavy traffic there, 95 to security boulevard. and if we are traveling northbound 95, we'll take a look at
. and you really can't see much, right? i thought it was supposed to clear up, bob? >> obviously that camera is up above a bit, but there are lower clouds. down here on the ground, it's fine. visibility, 5 miles. take a look at radar. showers to the west of us. going to clear things out and cool things down. there you see a line of showers across west virginia and pennsylvania. we're still at 60 degrees. the barometer is falling. the southwest wind kicked the fog around at 10:00, to 1:00 this afternoon. and things will be improving after we get the rain showers here. 61 in d.c. 68 in pax river. 46 in oakland. right now, the visibility here, five miles. 10 miles on the eastern shore, where this morning, it was down to less than a couple hundred feet. to the west of us, seven-mile visibility in oakland. tomorrow, high pressure builds in. clouds move out, sunshine and cooler temps. and that will be the forecast pretty much through the rest of the week. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. >>> new allegations today against former elmo puppete
out why this happened is the hardest part of the investigation. justice correspondent bob orr has learned that the killer knew how to cover his tracks. >> reporter: the search for a motive is proving to be difficult. a computer and hard drive recovered from gunman adam lanza's home were smashed into so many small pieces the f.b.i. lab has been unable to retrieve any useful data. cyber experts are not optimistic. police are searching credit card e-mail, and phone records for lanza and his mother. investigators are also trying to reconstruct lanza's internet searches. but officials say lanza was a socially awkward recluse who had little touch with the outside world and he killed his mother nancy lanza, the one person who knew him best. law enforcement officials say over the past three years his mother bought and registered the three semiautomatic weapons lanza carried with him during his attack at the sandy hook elementary school. sources say a gun trace revealed nancy lanza bought the murder weapon, a bush master ar-15, in march 2010. a year later, in march, 2011, she bought a 9 mi
meanwhile the gun control debate ramped up. on "face the nation" bob schieffer spoke with national rifle association president david keane, the first time the group has spoken since making a statement on friday. >> when you came on television at this news conference friday you seemed to blame the mentally ill. you seemed to blame hollywood. you seemed to blame the media, the video game manufacturers. you did not seem to think that your policies have had anything at all to do with this. >> well, we don't think they have. >> you see no responsibility. >> you know, we're living in a country, a free country which people have a right to exercise their second amendment rights. we're living in a country where in the last few decades as gun ownership has increased, violent crime has fallen. what we have, though, in this country are and in any country, a percentage of people who are frankly either evil or crazy. >> jeff: the nra says existing gun laws are not being enforced. margaret brennan has more on what the group would change and the reaction. >> reporter: the nra is arguing for the creation
. consoer: i don't think bob wanted people to know he had a.i.d.s. and the hospital, obviously, cooperated. and the newspapers also. in those days, i guess you didn't talk about it so much. migdoll: if you're a close friend or family member, you never accept that death will finally come. that somehow some miraculous way, something's going to turn around. man: and we were really happy in l.a. when mr. joffrey came to the premiere of "le sacre du printemps." he was very spry. he seemed so well. and we were like "oh, he's getting better. this is great, this is great." and then that christmas we premiered "nutcracker" and he was very ill. and it was just difficult. i went to see him, he was in the hospital. and to me, what i hated was that little room. bob's apartment was so rich. it had all those paintings those books, those records. and there he was in that little room, cold. and he didn't look very good i must say and i knew that i was saying goodbye to him. arthur: my husband and i went to new york to visit him, and that was just after the new year's. and it was hard. it'
the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again. we start this morning with david keene, who is the president of the national rifle association. friday the n.r.a. made its first public station since the newtown shooting and the reaction from the gun control vacation was scathing, no reaction there. lloyd grove of the "daily beast" summed up the reaction by saying the reviews were so brutal they would close a broadway show on opening night. this was news conference a mistake, mr. keene? >> not at all. and, fortunately, we're not on broadway. this isn't a joke. you know, we remained silent right after newtown because we didn't think it was appropriate to comment at time. but now we've come out and looked at it and the question on everybody's minds we tried address is what do you do to prevent this from happening in the future? you know, it was interesting bob, because that week i was in israel. and they had a spate of school shootings in the 70s and they decided they needed to have security at t
. it will be lit momentarily. so is winter really back after our near record warm weather? bob is in the first warning weather center, updating temperatures for us. bob? >> well, we've got clouds and milder temps. but no record-making temperatures headed our way. not going to see 70. maybe not until next spring. let's take a look at temps now. we've cooled down to 37. under high clouds that have moved in. 38 ocean city. 34 in oakland. tomorrow, and overnight tonight, clouds begin to move in. there may be a little rain in the afternoon or tomorrow night. low pressure passing to our west. but ahead of it, we'll get milder air. probably back up to 50. and maybe even into the low 50s. and even milder this weekend. but with the risk of some showers coming back. kai? >> bob, thank you. >>> getting into the holiday spirit in maryland tonight. the washington monument in baltimore. will become a bright spot of the season. wjz is live. jessica kartalija has more on the countdown to the flick of a switch. baltimore's washington monument. hi, jess. >> hi, kai
a beautiful day outside. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. hi, bob. >>> well, we had a front that went through late last night, early this morning. didn't drop a drom drop. -- drop of rain here. but yes, it is certainly cooler. take a look at temps. yesterday, we were up near 70 now. 55 here. still way above normal. upper 40s. 41 in oakland. much cooler to the west. still 56 in ocean city. temperatures right now, running about 10 to as much as 22 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. now, tomorrow, chilly. high pressure over the region. that means it am be -- will be a cool day tomorrow, especially compared to what we've seen the last few days. so don't forget your winter coat tomorrow. >> thank you. time to check in with kristy breslin for our first look at the roads. hi, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. well, we do have a lot of accidents out there to deal with. first, loch raven at giddings avenue. also, york road at towson town boulevard. traveling falls road, we
fist you're heading out tonight. bob is turk is in the weather center with the updated weather forecast. >> you bet. it is chilly. but not enough in the way of wind. we have clouds moving in. right now, we're down to 35. 35, ocean city. and freezing 32 out in oakland. 41 the warm spot over in washington, d.c. now, tomorrow, low pressure to the west of us will pass to or west, which means ahead of it, mild air. a lot of clouds. could be rain in the afternoon and evening. to the north, a little colder. a little freezing and drizzle is possible. could see a little light freezing trizle before it warms up. but we have warmer weather coming for this weekend. we'll have those numbers coming up. >>> another sure sign the holiday is here. we're about an hour away from the lighting of the washington monument. sky eye chopper 13 is over mount vernon right now, where preparations are under way for the lighting ceremony. and you can probably see down there, crowds are gathering for the fun. we're live on the ground, too. jessica kartalija with more
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. there is santa again. every night he is somewhere different. the guy gets around. wjz is live with coverage. bob. >> that guy gets around, doesn't he? it's amazing. he is on a v-6 tonight. let's look at radar. nothing around here. cleared very, very nicely overnight, this morning. down in the 40s, however. it has cooled down and there is a bit of a breeze. to the west much lighter. but still up the 22 with wind gusts now still at 25-26. as you can see down in ocean city at 29. it will eventually calm down tonight, but it will be a lot cooler than it was last night. bernadette woods with those temperatures. >> it will be a colder night tonight it was another warm one today. look at the temperatures right now. still 47 degrees in baltimore. still 50 in d.c. these are above our average highs. i want to show you with perspective to the average what it looks like. the average right now in baltimore is 44 degrees. we topped out at 59 degrees today. the record is 72. we were closer to that than the average. now, we are going to remain above average tomorrow before big change comes in our weather patter
outside. and not too bad of a day. but not nearly as warm as the last few days we've seen. bob is in the first warning weather center with the updated forecast. bob? >> if you were asleep all day today, awake yesterday. and going out tonight. big change. because temperatures have been dropping. down to 49. now, it's down to freezing. 32 in oakland. that's coming our way. 48, ocean city. and we are running 11 degrees colder right now than we were yesterday at this time. in oakland, 22 degrees colder, as you see, out to the west. white a bit colder. and tomorrow will be a sunny, dry day. but it will be chilly. temperatures only in the 40s. probably only mid-40s tomorrow afternoon. it will be colder next day or so. but even milder air coming back for the weekend. >>> big business for baltimore. the national aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions downtown. and it's raking in money. wjz is live there now. christie ileto explains why this is good news for everyone. christie? >> yeah, a new report shows that visitors are from o
or in life, he's a guy who is comfortable in his own skin. >> osgood: coming up one kind. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his extra time however he likes. new zealand! xarelto® is just one pill a day taken with the evening meal. and with no dietary restrictions bob can eat the healthy foods he likes. d
to drop. bob is in the first warning weather center, updating our numbers. >> actually pretty nice out there. sun. it was a little breezy this afternoon. and certainly colder than the last two days. take a look at temps, just dropped down to 51. way out west. that's where the cold air is. 34 now in oakland. and 51, ocean city. 55 in washington. right now, temperatures running 10 to as much as 20 degrees colder than yesterday. the only place that didn't change was ocean city. no change there at all. but tomorrow, lots of sunshine. it will be a cold day, compared to the last few days. so don't forget to take the coat and maybe some gloves tomorrow. probably only staying in the 40s tomorrow. >> hurricane sandy slammed into chris field, causing extensive damage. the state asked for help from fema. but alex demetrick reports, the agency and the white house denied that request because not enough damage was done. >> reporter: when sandy flooded chrisfield, saving lives came first. >> is there water coming inside your residence right now? >> yes, ma'am
and acquisitions in 2013. he's robert profusek, chairman of the global m&a practice at jones day. so bob why you are so up beat about more mergers and being a acquisitions especially with everything going on with the fiscal cliff. >> it's a pessimistic time andthat is a cause for optimism in the merger market. m & a has been fantastic. 9 market has been okay. it's not been at the terrible but it's been good. it's been held back by the negativism that was focused on the eu and this year it's the fiscal cliff and the election and everything else. the conditions are there. we need more m. & a in this cup. >> you are saying they are notgoing to be the big blocks about atblocksblockbustermega deals but the small to medium companies why is that. >> to do a step out deal therehas to be animal instincts the sense that things are good. m & a needs to be done. growth is throw slow and one of the ways to rise is to buy. everything is good but we have been held back by the negativism by the fiscal issues europe and the u.s. >> susie: you told me there were oil and gas america mergers and you think that tech
. >>> and most of the dogs and the handlers have already started work. >>> time now to check in with bob. >> they are like this with their handlers. >> they are. >> they live with them. >> we have some better weather headed our way after tonight and early tomorrow morning. we're stuck in the 40s which we've been all day long. humidity 100%. east winds at eight, the east winds at eight, the barometer falling, ,,,, [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. >>> hi i'm terrance from baltimore, happy holidays wjz. >> and thank you terrance from baltimore. >>> please be careful driving later. we have visibility down less than 1/4 of a mile in some areas that could cause
, there doesn't seem to be any recent connection between the gunman and the school at all. bob orr has pieced together what we now know of that morning. >> reporter: 20-year-old adam lanza launched his massacre at home. officials say lanza shot his mother nancy multiple times, killing her in her bed. lanza then took four guns-- legally registered to his mother-- and drove this black honda to sandy hook elementary school about five miles away. students there had finished reciting the pledge of allegiance and the building's doors had been locked. then, around 9:30 friday morning staffers in the front office heard popping noises. police say those were likely sounds of lanza shooting out the glass of one of the school doors. lanza entered the building carrying a bush master a.r.-15 assault rival with two sum automatic handguns inside the pockets of his military style cargo pants. police say he was also carrying hundreds of rounds of ammunition in multiple magazines. there were more popping sounds. someone in the front office keyed the mike phone on the school's public address system in a frantic
is live with coverage. meteorologist burnett woods and bob woods updating the forecast. >> the fog be gone. nothing showing now. we had a couple sprinkles and a few isolated showers around the 11 to 1:00 hour this afternoon. we still have some winds here. that's he the major factor. 18 here. 18 in d.c. eastern shore 10-17. we had gusts as high as 24. even 30 over in washington. tonight the winds will begin to calm down. it's going to be a little breezy tonight and again tomorrow. but still another mild day. burn debt has a look at those temperatures. >> even though it's cooling down right now. we got up there this afternoon to 59 degrees for our high. currently, it is down to 49. you can see in baltimore 52 in d.c. our average high is 44, so we are still above average. on the day, i want to show you this, 59 degrees for the high. that average 44. the record 72. closer to that than the average. now we are going to remain above average tomorrow before big changes kick in with this weather pattern and we will have that coming up. now back inside. >> we are following breaking news out of east
and clouds out there. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with numbers. >> we had rain overnight. fog got out of here and winds pick up. the rain is gone. take a look at radar. nothing around here at all. there were a couple sprinkles to the west of us early this morning. and around noontime. they've moved away. as far as winds go, still have a problem with the winds. 15 in oakland. higher gusts up to 35 miles an hour. they'll calm down tonight. still be chilly compared to what we seen the last couple days. another mild day come up tomorrow. then we'll talk about the weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads with kristy. >> hi, everyone. the beltway not doing so hot. we're still looking at a heavy delay there from green spring to harper road. traffic moving at 25 miles an hour. on the west side, that delay has stretched out from 95 past security beautiful. as far as 70 eastbound goes, at the beltway that has been cleared. the same can't be said for delay. northbound 95 stop and go there from 32 to the beltway on the southwest side and as far
. here's bob francis. bob issues once -- bob once again this year. >> our fire station almost 90 years as a tradition. sglsh -- >> reporter: let's talk about how many trains you have here. >> almost 1,000 square feet when you take in a surface area. 10 trains, 4 levels, 2 highways, one trolly, one tram and nothing but pure fantasy. >> reporter: how long does it take to set this up? >> we start about the middle of october. when you're talking about the number of guys who help out and get this set up, you're talking about 2,700 man hours in a 4 week period before we open up right after thanksgiving. >> reporter: i know it's a labor of love. >> absolutely. guys like fill -- phil is one of the volunteers that helps out. >> reporter: come on over. phil has been a volunteer for many years here. we have a lot of new stuff that year, right? >> yes, we do. we have a new carnival scene we've added with eight new rides on that, including a roller coaster. we also have a couple new engines this year, including our custom painted engine we just got with our wise avenue volunteer fire department wri
president will be bob bob schieffer's guest. alone with kay bailey hutchison and democratic senator mark warner of virginia. they'll discuss the future of gun control. moving now to the the weather and a deadly cold snap sweeping across eastern europe. freezing temperatures there have claimed more than 200 lives. ukraine has been hardest hit. it has been snowing there for weeks. at least 80 people have died in crane, most of them homeless. in britain it's the rain. devon in divest england is one of the areas deluged by storms. what about the weather across the u.s. in the next couple of days? the holiday travel season is now under way, and aaa expects more than 93 million americans to be on the move at some point most of them by car. jeff beradelli at our miami station wfor joins us. the next couple of days could affect travelers, could affect shoppers. what kind of weather are we going to see across the country? >> reporter: jirnlg it's nainl good news. it's pretty quiet across most of the united states right now with the exception of the west coast. we have a big storm slamming into th
to question him about the murder of his neighbor. bob orr tells us how mcafee was found. >> reporter: john mcafee had been on the run for three weeks trying to evade police in belize. >> how many people at the checkpoint? >> reporter: the high tech entrepreneur, who made a fortune selling computer security software invited reporters from to join him on the lam. the online magazine was interested in documenting mcafee's edgy life-style in which in recent years has revolved around drugs, sex and guns. to promote its exclusive access vice published this smart phone picture of mcafee with reporter rocco castoro. that was a big mistake. digitally embedded in the photo was the location where it was taken and it placed mcafee in guatemala just across the boarder from belize. now the world knew where john mcafee was hiding. joel brenner who, until 2009 was the nation's top counterintelligence official says the computer security guru was done in by the phone's g.p.s. technology which attached precise longitude and latitude coordinates to the photo. >> this is a tracking device there's no ques
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a documentary about him. as bob simon discovered, the film is now captivating audiences across the country, and has been short-listed for an academy award. it's released by sony pictures classics and it's called "searching for sugar man." ♪ ♪ ♪ sugar man won't you help me ♪ because i'm tired of these scenes ♪ >> simon: the film shows rodriguez's old neighborhood in downtown detroit and the smoky bar where, back in the late '60s, he was discovered by dennis coffey, a legendary motown producer. >> dennis coffey: we thought he was like the inner city poet, you know, putting his poems to music of what he saw. and it was definitely a very gritty look at what he saw on the streets of detroit. the only writer that i had heard of of that time period was maybe bob dylan, that was writing that well. ♪ ♪ ♪ lost my heart when i found it ♪ >> simon: coffey co-produced his first album, "cold fact." critics liked it, but it bombed. steve rowland was responsible for his second. it did no better. >> steve rowland: nobody in america had even heard of him. nobody... nobody even was intere
to sponge bob, this home in marino valley has been making children smile for years. it was set up by a firefighter and his family with some help from friends and family. it takes them about a week to set it all up. >> that looks like that would take longer. >> that is so cool. >> thank you for saving me. >> live tv ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
. with the call here is bob sosi from navy. >> steelman under center. the ball popped loose. ball loose at the navy 12. signal that navy recovered. they were right. fumble to nove. fumble to navy. >> verne: trent steelman trying valiantly to lead his team to victory and end a 10-game losing streak. it was not to be because of the miscue with under 15 yards to go. now let's take a look at the player of the game presented by russell athletic. keenan reynolds. he is with tracy wolfson. >> tracy: thanks so much and keenan, you only heard about the army-navy game but now to be able to experience it what was it like? >> it's a one of a kind experience. i'm just so blessed to be in the position that i'm in and i give all my glory to god he brought me this far and he didn't forsake me or my teammates, kept me up had a turnover late in the game kept me up encouraged me and i wouldn't want to play with combebls. >> tracy: tremendous job. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> tracy: verne. >> verne: and the russell athletic player of the game. keenan reynolds
. cuse got the victory for boeheim's 900 win. he now joins mike krzyzewski of duke and bob knight as only the third men's coach in division one basketball to get that many wins. boeheim's first victory came against harvard way back in 1976. after the game, the coach thanked players and fans but then responded to friday's shooting in connecticut with an unprompted rant about guns. >> if we in this country as americans cannot get the people that represent us to do something about firearms, we are a sad, sad society. this is our fault. this is my fault, your fault, your fault. all your faults. >> boeheim said also politicians need to pass a gun-control law, quote, "real quick." >>> when we come back, classrooms across the country review security procedures in the wake of the shooting rampage at sandy hook. the wake of the shooting rampage at sandy hook. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to curr
poetic it looks. >> reporter: reporting live in federal hill for wjz eyewitness news. >> bob is in the first warning weather center with what with deexpect tonight and tomorrow morning. >> officially we do have some advisories this effect. you can see a dense fog advisory until 6:00 a.m. all of central maryland, a few spots will have visibilities under a quarter mile. there's some good rain developing around the ridge right now that's going to help break up some of the fog. look at the radar. things are beginning to move a little bit now. that may help to stir up the atmosphere enough that for a while we may clear out the fog. it may come back as you're going to work. do expect to see a big improvement tomorrow as we'll finally get rid of the fog. we'll have a full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >>> the nation tonight mourns the loss of a decorated war hero. senator daniel inuea passed away at the age of 88. he was elected to represent hawaii in the senate in 1962. less than four years after hawaii became a state. only senator robert bird served longer. he was awar
. >> the december chill is back. how long will it last? i'm bob turk. i'll have a complete first warning forecast coming up next. 74 >>> it's clear and 39 degrees in central maryland right now. the strongest tie mean of the -- fie noon of the -- tie mean of the year -- typhoon of the year kills millions in the philippines. the country is hit by about 20 each year. >>> breaking news in the case of a billionaire software developerring seeking asylum by police. he's been arrested by guatemalan police. he's a person of interest in the shooting death of his neighbor. he smuggled himself and his girlfriend into guatemala. he was detained for entering the country illegally. mcafee claims the bolivian government is on a witch hunt and has wrongfully charged him with a string of crimes. >>> hunters in iowa found two bodies that may belong to two young cousins that have been missing for months. investigators later found only their bicycles and a pink purse nearby the place they were last seen. the bodies are being sent to the state's medical examiner's office.
on sunday. 60 on monday. could be rain in between. and cooler, 48 on tuesday. >> thank you, bob. >>> coming up, the ravens go to great lengths to get ready for the redskins. >> the secret weapon that's key to practice mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> a lot riding on this game sunday, not to mention county executives wearing jerseys. >> solving the mystery of the opposing quarterback. charlie batch, the washed up backup, he led the steelers to a surprise winner and baltimore has to face redskins rookie robert griffin the third. a year ago he won the heisman trophy and now he runs the college-style option offense. a tricky attack that utilizes his outstan
journey -- ♪ >> reporter: bob dylan's "every grain of sand" assures us that god loves us even when we do not love ourselves. that that al separation is possible because humans are infinitely redeemable. ♪ tura loora-- ♪ >> reporter: at our house we listen to bing crosby during the holidays and watch "going my way." it reminds us of our grandparents and grandparents and i suppose someday it will remind our kids of us. it's funny how many of those holiday songs are about separation and longing for reunion. you don't notice it when you're a child but as you get older you appreciate the bittersweetness in those christmas songs. these are the shortest days of the year and for some people they are the hardest. but starting now little by little the days get longer. the light is already coming back. ♪ and my all your christmases be be white ♪ >> osgood: ahead nancy jiles on the gift that matters most. >> osgood: christmas is about children, of course. the children we once were and the children we love now. it's also about growing up. with some thoughts on that here's nancy giles. >> repo
that is behind it, bob francis, with the weiss avenue volunteer fire department. good morning. >> good morning, sharon. >>reporter: how long does it take to put this into play? >> we start constructing this around the middle of october, but when you talk about the number of main hours, you're talking almost 3,000 main hours to put it together. >>reporter: we're not just talking trains with some houses. you have a working drive-in theater, there's a ravens game going on that the ravens are beating the steelers, baseball game, every car is moving or animated. it's absolutely amazing. >> yeah. we have lights and these cars don't come this way, these guys have to work them up, they add the lights, the flashing lights and the animation, it's pretty time intensive. >>reporter: and to make it even more difficult, you do something new every year. >> every year this garden, we have a lot of the same animations, but every year the setup is different. as a matter of fact, our chairman wayne nichols is probably already thinking about how he's going to do this
questioned about a murder case. bob has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. police in belize call john mcafee is person of interest in the murder of one of his neighbors there. cell phone technology pinpointed his location until then police didn't know where he was. >> the problem is they're trying to detain me. >> reporter: john mcafee's three-week run from authorities came to an end wednesday nipt in the silicon valley entrepreneur detained at an upscale hotel in guatemala city. >> where are they taking you, john? >> to jail. >> reporter: with the help of interpol, arrested for entering the country illegally and taken to a nearby detention center. for almost a month he evaded police who wanted to question him about one of his make neighbors in belize. mcafee was not alone. reporter from joined him on his fugitive run to document mcafee's outrageous lifestyle, which now revolves around drugs, sex and guns. to promote his exclusive coverage, the online magazine published this smartphone picture of mcafee with vice
and then you are not just going through the house. we have bob jimerson doing a yuletide sing-alongs in the mansion, just like they did 150 years ago. so it's very participatory. you could spend as much time in your favorite room as you want. it's really awesome. i am dressed in 1812 era clothing. this is the bicentennial of the war of 1812. we are going to have a yuletide ball, i'm told, even dolly madison might be coming this afternoon. it is going to be awesome. it's right in the orange tree. so there is dancing, there's music, there is grass for the kids. they are storytelling. in addition to the mansion on the slave quarters, we are going to be interpreting talk about that. there's a lot you can do here this afternoon. did i tell you, it's all free? you don't need a ticket, don't have to pay admission. say that money. come on out here and go right on through. it's right off the beltway. exit 27 regular mall. you can do your shopping and then hop on over here and enjoy the afternoon festivities. >> you really have to see it to b
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